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How To Do SEO for Google Web Stories

This blog post explains specifically about SEO for Google Web Stories. They are trending among content creators. You may also have tried creating one and bringing the traffic. In order to discover something that might significantly change your approach, all you have to do today is give us 10 minutes of your time.

What Exactly are Google Web Stories?

Google owns and controls Google Web Stories, which are powered by AMP technology. You can store and display these immersive, full-screen experiences on your own website.

They differ from other story experiences, like Instagram or Facebook stories, in that you may post them on your own website. Your Google Web Stories can also contain calls to action, links, and Google AdWords.

You may share brand tales with consumers who can click through to experience the story you want to convey by using separate story panels that include images, videos, and other elements.

People may enjoy Google Web Stories in addition to seeing them on your website by using Google search, Google images, or the Google Discover app, which is accessible on Apple and Android devices.

Owning the material for your Google Web Stories provides you the best chance to take advantage of SEO benefits and use this immersive storytelling option.

Topics like cooking and cuisine, gaming, travel, wellness, and a whole lot more are among the top examples offered by Google. Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveler, Vice, The Dodo, Forbes, and Refinery 29 are a few of the publishers that are highlighted.

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